Tuesday, January 04, 2005

TV dross

Is it me, or was there almost nothing decent on the telly over Christmas and New Year?

Baring a few exceptions like the Shameless and Smoking Room Christmas Specials there just wasn’t much worth watching. Have the schedulers just given up?

I mean just how many compilation shows of "the worst bits of 2004" do we need? Just how many times do we need to see a kiss and tell trollop bring off a pig?

Mind you I’m kind of amazed how Richard Curtis et al got away with the second Dibley thingy. I’d heard it had stuff about Make Poverty History on it so had taped it out of interest. It was basically one long advert. Good for them.

Schedule allowing, Sarah will be partaking in the March of the Dibley’s planned for a few weeks time in London. Having a hoard of angry female priests beating a path to your door, should make one think you’d hope…

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