Monday, January 31, 2005

Real Music?

News from Stuart today, that he has a new mobile phone (Sony K700 - same as mine) and he has his main ringtone as the Crazy Frog.

I don’t get this fashion for ringtone gimmicks at all. Though clearly the companies selling Crazy Frog, Dancing Hippo, Sweety Chick or whatever is the fashion this week are making an absolute mint (I fear at the expense of those who are unaware quite what a simply text is signing them up for).

Surely with the more and more phones (including the K700) including MP3 players and hence allowing the users to add their own real music clips, the days of such services are numbered?

I raise this query with Stuart:

L: “But you can have real music as your ringtone”
S: “I know, my other ringtone is Natasha Beddingfield.”
L: “But you can have real music as your ringtone”
I suppose Sally would have Will Young…

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