Monday, January 17, 2005

I take M's advice and make a phone call first thing this morning. I'm dreading it, but it goes fantastically well. I get the result I need right now. Right now I can't deal with anything more and now I don't have to, it can wait until I'm ready.

I'm so relieved and can now put it out of my mind and try and start to sort out the huge pile of drawings that seem to have been reproducing on my desk since I was last in the office.

After a busy day at work I decide I’m too tired to cope with the supermarket, so I head home to an empty fridge with thoughts of getting some Chinese food delivered.

Before I can make the phone call, there is a ring at the doorbell and I find Sainsbury’s To You on my doorstep with a pile of bags for me that have been ordered by my dear and lovely old friend Ali.

As I unpack the various bags I discover bottles of wine, some Caffeine Free Diet Coke (she knows me so well) a Chinese Meal (incl Crispy Duck yum!), a Viennetta (in-joke…), a DVD, a face pack, some bubble bath and a bouquet of flowers.

All the ingredients for a girlie night in!

I’m straight on the phone to her, hardly able to talk for laughing and smiling. Ali has ME and lives in Hampshire with her Mum at the moment. She tells me she was frustrated she couldn’t be in Manchester to cheer me up and was thinking what she would have done if we were still living in the same city – if she can’t turn up on my doorstep, then internet ordering is the next best thing.

Of course one vital ingredient is missing, but apparently even Sainsbury’s can’t arrange for her to be delivered in a bag alongside everything else.

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