Saturday, January 22, 2005

It was supposed to be so simple

I made it through the week (just), but whereas the cough and temperature are demanding a weekend in bed, first I must get the car through the MOT.

Fortunately I wake feeling considerably better and set off for the garage at 8am. The MOT and service shouldn’t have been much of an issue, but 5hrs and £450 later…

It seemed if anything could go wrong it did. I even got home to realise that the box containing my locking wheel nut key and spares had not been returned to the car; cue yet another trip to the other side of Stockport...

Worse still although the precious MOT certificate has been issued (albeit with the ‘wrong' date on – don’t ask) there are still things to be sorted and service items carried over to next time due to time constraints. Not what I needed.

After an afternoon recovering I made it out for a quick, early curry with Phil and Sarah who I haven’t seen so much of recently and then home to bed.

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