Monday, January 03, 2005

Catch Up

Apologies for the lack of blogging over the Christmas Break. The combination of spending the entire period at various different points around the country and the general gloomy nature of the last few weeks didn’t make for good blogging conditions.

For once I’m just really glad that the period is over with.

However I will share with you some of the highlights (we’ll gloss over the pain and bitterness shall we?) and things that I do feel thankful for:

  • Spending quality time with my niece and nephew (worth having to sleep on the floor for!). Christmas Day wasn’t exactly the one planned, but being with family and seeing the kids get so excited opening presents etc was great. Boxing Day was even better as we played with their new toys all day (although apparently using Aunty L1z as a climbing frame is better fun most of the time).

  • Spending time with Mum and Dad. Even though it hurts like hell to see how bad Mum is with the MS and I felt I had no emotional energy to support them, it was still good to get some time with them. And no arguments the whole time (minor miracle in itself).

  • Calling in at Sally’s on the way back north and having a planned hour’s stop off turn into an overnight stay. Realising how much I love having friends like her and DC (who also popped round) and how good it is to be able to spend time together.

  • Finding out that how great so many of my friends are, from the simple messages of "we’re here for you" to the spending hours listening to me talking myself round and round in circles.

  • Being an emotional cripple and finding that friends still take your calls.

  • Despite the difficulties New Year in the Yorkshire Dales with friends new and old was good - even in the bleak weather the area is so beautiful.

Well it’s a new year and I’m starting to vaguely feel back on top of things.

Normal Service will be resuming any time now.

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