Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Salon

Those who know me will probably have worked out that I have a close and fruitful relationship with my hairdressers. Whilst finding time to get my hair done is often difficult, I value the time that I’m in there with my head covered in foil when there’s nothing to do but sit back, sip wine and relax.

It doesn’t hurt that they seem to cut the hair of many of the great and the good of Manchester and beyond (numerous rich and famous ex-Mancunions come back to get their hair done here) and so the gossip is always pretty good too.

Today, for the second time, I found myself sharing the salon with the lovely Abbott family. The name Paul Abbott may not mean anything to you immediately, but he’s one of my favourite TV drama writers (think Cracker, State of Play, Shameless and so on). Last time he was fitting in a quick cut before jetting off to meet with Spielberg and this time he needs a tidy up for the forthcoming ‘awards season’.

It’s a different world…

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