Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Sarah opened an envelope today to find a cheque for £17k. OK it wasn’t actually for her, but rather an unexpected windfall for the beleaguered church that she finds herself Priest in Charge of.

Anyone seeing the church building would know that this is but a drop in the ocean of what is needed, but out of the blue it’s an amazing turn up for the books.

Understandably she feels in the mood for going out and celebrating. I'm in similar mood, though my reason for celebrating is somewhat less impressive - we finally got the Venue Manager ticketing sorted today (surely it shouldn't have been this hard?).

Sarah however also needs an early night and I need to get back at a reasonable time to do the nightly Greenbelt slog.

Celebration…early night…it all inevitably adds up to another trip to That Café to take advantage of the Early Birds menu (£10 for two courses of food of this calibre is value beyond compare!).

I do worry that I’m becoming a bit too much of a regular though, when I’m greeted by “oh excellent, I’m glad you’re here, we just got some Lady Grey tea in today for you”.

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