Friday, August 13, 2004

Honestly...I am OK.

I’m on leave today to try and catch up on Greenbelt work.

I do what I can, but it’s hard to concentrate when you are worried about a friend. I know she wouldn’t want her friends to be so disturbed on her behalf, but it comes as part of the package when you care about someone. The hardest thing to cope with is the sense of utter uselessness in being able to do anything to ease the pain for her.

Stewart had to take Tor to work with him today and in reward for good behaviour he took him afterwards for food and a movie (Thunderbirds). Not wishing to add a downer to their evening, I purposely wait to reply to Stewart’s texts asking how everything is until after Tor’s bedtime.

This does not go down well. I don’t know how to explain to him that I’m not shutting him out, but rather I’m an independent soul used to coping and therefore saw no reason to ruin their evening as well.

Fortunately it gets resolved via a very long phone call. But we’re going to have to work on this one I think.

On the plus side he managed to pick up tickets this morning for the Polyphonic Spree, so he's scoring 'good boyfriend' points there, so perhaps it's worth the effort...

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