Thursday, August 05, 2004

Meet the Parents

Drinks tonight with Stewart and Sarah in town. Sarah is the only one there with a clear conscience. I managed an hour of Greenbelt emails before coming out, but more remain and Stewart is supposed to be packing for his trip with Tor to see family in Norway.

Stewart and I arriving together to find Sarah in the bar, feels a bit like some exercise in meeting the parents. I’m nervous as we wait to see if Sarah can get beyond her amusement re the whole thing and actually be OK about us being together.

It’s a little awkward at first, but Ok in the end. I think.

Some of the tension of the evening is relieved by bumping into Jo and Ian, who I haven’t seen for years. Jo and I started together as graduates at a former employers nearly 11 years ago. Together with Pete and Katy we used to meet up regularly for meals at each other’s houses. Slowly over time we drifted apart. Katy moved to rural Lancashire and Pete went first to Africa and then to London.

Jo and I decide to put this right and resolve to organise a meet-up for the four of us some time. She is still in touch with Katy and I have vague email contact with Pete. It would be nice to catch up with everyone again.

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