Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Signs it's raining too hard:

  1. You have to drive at 15mph on the motorway and so are late for your meeting

  2. You get soaked in the 10 yards from car park to cabin, despite having an umbrella

  3. Despite being 15mins late you still beat 3 other attendees, who have got stuck more locally due to roads being closed

  4. One of the cabin roofs has fallen in, meaning you watch a growing stream run from that evacuated office and down the corridor towards the meeting room

  5. You stop at Tescos for a sandwich and in the time it takes you to pop in grab a sandwich and pay, the onslaught has been so great that their drain@ge system simply can’t cope and a huge lake has now formed at the entrance, keeping everyone captive in the store (on the plus side it means you remember that your mother wanted you to pick up a copy of the paperback Harry Potter for her - £3.87 – bargain!)

  6. You get back to the design offices to find the lake has burst its banks

  7. Even the ducks look pissed off

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