Saturday, August 14, 2004


Into town for a haircut and shopping.

In a moment of excellent timing, Caroline calls 20 seconds after Sylvia has added the last of the colour. Accordingly I can take the call out on the stairs and it is so good to talk. As ever though I wish I could do more.

My finger tips and top corner of my phone now bear a shade similar to my hair, but this a small price to pay for being able to talk to her.

After some very quick clothes shopping I meet up with Sarah in Waterstone’s cafĂ© and in due course Rachel joins us. Several hours later we move on to Wagamama's where Phil joins us.

In the process of Sarah texting Phil to tell him where to meet us, she announces the following fact: Wagamama is one of those rare long words that although is not in your predictive text dictionary, is at least is comprised of letters that are all the first option on each key when you type it in the old fashioned way. Furthermore each consequetive letter falls on a different key, making it very uick and simple to type.

Surely there should be some term equivalent to Googlewhack for words such as this?

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