Sunday, August 15, 2004


Usually at this point in the year the spare room would be filled with piles of things that I need to take to Greenbelt. Everything from extension leads and fans for the electric wheelchair/scooter charging room, to piles of paperwork and reference folders and inflatable mattresses to sleep on.

This year however things are running behind (one or two distractions…) and so I get up early (well early for a Sunday) resolved to catch up.

Step 1 – clear the spare bed of all the junk that has accumulated
Step 2 – unpack crates from last year’s Greenbelt
Step 3 – give up and go downstairs

So I’m not too much further on, but in the course of displacement activity I did get completely caught up on Greenbelt emails, tidy the kitchen, mow the lawn and cut back lots of vegetation, entertain the neighbourhood kids for half an hour and finish reading the NME.

Better start back with the packing tomorrow I guess.

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