Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Could this be the end of my tether I see before me?

All the good work of a night off last night, is undone when I log-on this evening and find piles of Greenbelt emails waiting for me. This in itself wouldn't be too bad, but I'm pushed over the edge by the one enquiring as to why I haven't got back to them since Monday night about a favour they're after.

I won't tell you the response Stewart suggests I make to this; probably my actual response involving references to a day-job and a life was rude enough.

Just as I'm starting to feel really bad about hitting send on that somewhat terse response, I speak to Ben and discover that the same request has been made independently to him. Like we're not busy enough already without unwittingly doubling up efforts!

It also transpires that despite very detailed and specific discussions with people regarding who Ben and I were ticketing this year, people have still managed to go against everything that was agreed and we're now left trying to sort the mess out.

Fortunately my growing bad mood is lifted when I open Shaun's fabulous graphic of the camping area, which will hopefully be on the website soon and serve to resolve some of the confusion. I was hoping for a passable sketch and we've ended up with a thing of beauty. Boy, did I ever ask the right person on that one!

As George and I always say about Greenbelt stuff: we love it when a plan comes together...

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