Thursday, August 19, 2004

Goats - are you serious?

Plans to get into the office today are put on hold as I get out of bed at 7.30am and promptly fall over (well fortunately I manage to fall backwards, back into bed).

Driving down the M62 suddenly doesn’t seem like such a smart idea.

On the Greenbelt front I’m generally trying to tie up loose ends, with only a week to go until the festival opens.

A request from one of the Contributors in Pulse is forwarded to me: “can we bring goats to the festival”.

Of course it would quite possibly be possible for this to happen. We’d have to find a space for their pen, OK things with the racecourse, check out DEFRA conditions, sort out the animal welfares aspects and run through health and safety issues.

Do I feel like starting this process 7 days before we go live?

What do you think?

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