Monday, May 03, 2004

What happened to my day off?

Well it seems that Radio 1 is doing the trick and backed up my occasionally banging on the ceiling, seems to have got the message across to young Noriega.

Another major assault on the Greenbelt front today. The chief challenge at the moment is trying to appoint Venue Managers to all the venues. So many decisions can’t be made until some other related answer has been confirmed. It feels like one of those puzzles with a square missing where you have to move all the pieces around one move at a time until every piece is in the right place and the picture is completed.

Friends ring from the Peak District and I feel a surge of jealousy, if I didn’t have all this Greenbelt stuff I could get a life ;-)

Plans for the evening change several times; a trip to see Shaun of the Dead turns into drinks in Castlefield, turns into drinks in my garden, turns into drinks in my (warmer) lounge.

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