Saturday, May 01, 2004

Girls and their toys

After a morning of tidying and sorting out I commenced playing with my new toy.

The hard drive on my previous desktop has died (again!) and this combined with the fact that the video card/motherboard combination has never been entirely stable, means I have decided, with sad regret, to put the system out of its misery. Fortunately it had signed a donor card some years ago and thus several of its organs will be going to good homes.

Despite using my laptop most of the time I do need a desktop for video editing and as a back-up in case of problems with the laptop. I lost access to email for about a week last year around May time and catching up with the Greenbelt backlog that developed was hellish. So a cheap replacement desktop is required.

This is the first time I have bought a desktop off the shelf. However there seem to be increasingly small savings to be made in building your own bottom end system and this combined with manufacturers and retailers realising that actually we don’t need a new VDU every time we upgrade means that for the bargain sale price of £599 I got a lot of PC.

The fact that the VAIO symbol on the front glows neon blue when running is an added bonus (and source of deep satisfaction).

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