Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Lancashire in Spring

Heading back from a morning site visit in Lancashire, my senses are bombarded by signs of spring.

As I wind my way through country lanes, with the roof and windows open the sun beats down on me full of promises of summer. I pass by fields bright yellow with rape and lush green pastures; in villages the roads are lined with trees full of blossom and in places the road surface has become a carpet of pink confetti that rises up in a dance as vehicles plough through.

The views are stunning as I look across the plains to the hills to the East. In between I can see a white kite flitting and flurrying in the wind, it’s owner hidden below my sight line.

I take a last lungfull of air fresh with smells of agriculture and freshly mown verges, before joining the M6 for the finally part of my journey back to the design office.

No sooner have I joined the motorway, than the clouds gather in and as I descend the last of the hills that has been obscuring the Cheshire plain, the heavens open.

To compensate I manage to catch Tali in the Radio 1 live lounge - mighty fine!

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