Saturday, May 01, 2004

The perfect night out?

Rionne, Mark and I meet up with Jo at Victoria station and managed to make it to the correct platform for the Blackburn train with whole minutes to spare.

Travelling to Entwistle feels like going back in time as you track down the guard and request the train stops at the tiny station, which serves about five houses, an old style faded red telephone box (apparently a listed building), a pillar box and the all important Strawbury Duck.

The station has changed somewhat since this photo from the 1960s, there are no station buildings now, just a single track and platform.

The Duck is a series of small rooms, set off other small rooms – a positive labyrinthine delight. Despite text messages giving clues, it was amazing how person after person struggled to find us as they arrived through the evening.

A grand night was had by all, good food, good ale, good company and several fine anecdotes involving horses (don’t ask).

The last train heads back to Manchester 23 minutes after closing time (how handy!) and amazingly sticking a hand out to hail it to stop really does work! Don’t you just love public transport when it works like this?

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