Monday, May 24, 2004

Happy Mondays

After a manic day in the office followed by planning meetings and site visits in Rochdale and Oldham, I’m tempted to take the eastbound M62 and head up into the hills to enjoy the early evening sunshine. Reluctantly however I do the right thing, take the westbound carriageway and head home to trim and cut down the side garden, which I didn’t get around to at the weekend. Telling the neighbours it’s a wildlife garden is one thing, but by the time you have wildebeest traversing the space*, it’s time for a bit of human intervention.

Thanks to last year’s indulgent purchase of an electric hedge trimmer and strimmer, it doesn’t take too long and I’m done in time to pour myself a long Pimms and settle down in the back garden to finish reviewing a report for tomorrow and enjoy the last of the rays.

My mood is improved to ecstatic, when I pick up a voice mail message from my friend, telling me that the hospital tests today have ruled out our worst fear and that she should be discharged tomorrow. I call her back and I can hear in her voice how relieved she is. The best news I’ve had for a long while!

* well ok, more of a case of three tabby cats and several local urchins, the latter of which have been swinging on a branch of the willow tree so that it now protrudes into the road.

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