Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Uninvited Guest

Woken again at dawn by strange scratching sounds from above my head, it appears that a least one local squirrel has decided to turn my loft space into a B&B.

Much as I support wildlife I’d rather it stayed outside my house, hey I provide gardens don’t I and the one on the side is most definitely a ‘wildlife sanctuary’ (no, honestly I’m going for the natural look). Unfortunately there is no immediate means of sealing the likely entry route.

The dilemma therefore is to persuade my uninvited guest(s?) that my insulation foam is not actually there for their nesting pleasure; preferably before they decide to use my wiring as dental floss (those monkey-nuts really can get stuck between those incisors you know).

So where to turn for inspiration? Well I wouldn’t normally quote the CIA as a guiding influence in my life, but desperate times and all. Accordingly the squirrel is now nicknamed Noriega and a radio is now installed in the loft at full volume.

The only decision now, is what station should I tune to?

Opinions from friends have been offered. Radio 3 it is felt could be counter-productive even if I could find it on the dial (they clearly believe Noriega has high culture tastes); Radio 4 could end up educating the fella (and then we’re really in trouble and I suspect that the RSPCA might judge local commercial radio to be strange and unusual cruelty. Accordingly my usual station of choice is selected. Let’s hope Noriega doesn’t share my appreciation for the Radio 1 playlist.

The rest of the day is spent slaving away on Greenbelt work (how can it possibly be May already???). My tapping away on the computer is accompanied by the vague murmuring of Radio 1 filtering down from above.

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