Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Slugfest 2004

After the glorious weather of the weekend, it rained a little today, enough to leave the roads and pavements damp. Accordingly today appeared to be the first day of the new slug season.

As I called round to my best mates tonight, it was a veritable obstacle course getting down her front path.

I loathe slugs. They leave disgusting trails everywhere, they eat your vegetables and valued plants and, dear lord, if you accidentally step on one… .

They also look completely unpleasant. At least snails veil their sliminess in a shell.

I can’t think of a single thing slugs are useful for.

Do they eat other garden pests? No just my plants.

Do they provide food for something further up the foodchain? Well, hedgehogs if you’re lucky, but I haven’t seen one in our neighbourhood for years. Judging by the shameless way the slugs flaunt themselves over paths and walls they would certainly appear to be untroubled by the prospect of potential predators.

So what is the point of slugs? Do let me know if you have any ideas, it could help me tolerate them better.

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