Thursday, April 08, 2004


My friend Matt rang last night, it was so good to talk to him. He and Karen have just made a life-changing move. They’ve downsized as the jargon goes, giving up jobs in journalism and computing to move to the country (well actually a different country – Wales!) and go it alone.

A combination of free-lance journalism and setting up web and computing businesses is the idea. Matt tells me it’s taking a while to get off the ground – longer than they had anticipated. I think they’ll make it though; they have the talent and the determination.

We arranged a weekend for me, Rionne and Mark to visit them. Matt obviously knows me well enough to know to pin me down and get me to commit to dates!

It’ll be great to see them, I missed them enough when they moved from Manchester to Stockport, but Wales seems so very much further away. Matt assures me it’s only a couple of hours’ drive. It’ll be totally worth it for the chance to catch up with Matt, Karen, Seren and the bump (which BTW, it turns out, has double occupancy!).

I’m still slightly suspicious that the real reason for the move is rather less about the opportunity to be one’s own boss and rather more to do with Matt’s oft stated concern that Seren and the imminent arrivals might grow up with Manc-esque accent.

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