Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Ready for the prime time?

“So when will you be ready for the prime time? I wanted to link to your blog today...” This was the question I was asked by Pab in an email I picked up today.

So far Pab is the only person (that I know of!) that has read this blog. His session at the Wing and a Prayer was partly the reason I decided to give a year round, personal blog a try. So I told him I’d started it…without disclosing the details.

Thing is, before it was anything like a fit state to be “in company”, the sneaky chappy sussed the url and came a visiting!

Something to do with being able to see a record of where people had accessed his website from. These geeks are far too clever to be properly trusted you know…

Pab’s question regarding taking this baby public, does raise again the issue of what the purpose of this blog is. I’m not sure I have the answer. Thus far I’ve really just enjoyed writing it for writing’s sake. The idea of an audience, an unknown audience is strange, but it’s been there all along – otherwise I’d hardly be posting on the www now would I?

I think the concept of a potential audience gives me a sense of discipline that will hopefully help me keep it up. We’ll see.

I’m slightly intrigued as to who would want to read this guff. I’ve added a comments option so maybe I’ll find out. So kind stranger, if you happen to stumble upon this – take a moment to click below and introduce yourself.

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