Thursday, April 01, 2004

Shirley Not?

My day started with a phone call from Stuart R, telling me that he and Karen needed to pull out of our car-share plans for Saturday, because, they’re not really telling people but... Karen has been selected to appear on Stars in their Eyes and the filming is on Saturday.

It takes me about 2 seconds to remember today’s date, but nice try.

I shall however be demanding to hear her Shirley Bassey impression in the car at the weekend.

As I drive home from work the phone calls start again (hands free and “no, I’m not home yet”) and continue through the rest of the evening. One after another, after another…

Issues for Saturday’s Greenbelt meeting from people who can’t make it. Checking on social plans. Friends who’ve had tough days wanting to rant. My wonderful mum struggling with discovering that "she’s supposed to be the extrovert" in her lent group book discussions. Nicky wanting to know if I’m staying over on Friday. My sister in law, ringing to tell me that the book I so carefully found on-line and got delivered for my brother’s birthday is not the promised 3rd edition that he wanted. Oh and my workaholic, brainiac of a brother has also caught some horrible stomach flu, but is insisting on trying to go to work tomorrow. And so on…

All conversations I want or at least need to have, but so tiring.

The straw that breaks the camel’s back is my dad asking what I want for my impending birthday. A personal assistant maybe? Can you get them on ebay?

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