Saturday, April 10, 2004

Nature versus nurture

Today I caught my first glimpse of the year, of the daffodils on the bank of a piece of land that lies along the side of the M67 (the fastest route out of town and up into the Peaks).

Last year I noted that nature appeared to be in tune with corporate rebrandings as the daffs that formally spelled out a three letter abbreviation had become the new two letter version. In a scary moment that demonstrates that you never know who might be reading your blog, a person in the know, let on that there had indeed been a human hand involved.

Further evidence is available this year that nature is not entirely working hand in hand with the corporate giants. The edges of the letters are starting to blur and the odd additional dot of yellow is popping up elsewhere on the bank. You can’t hold Mother Nature down.

Which reminds me I really out to do some pruning in the garden.