Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Birthday celebrations - round 1

One advantage of having a good friend's birthday on the day before yours, is that it’s an easy date to remember.

A second advantage is that it makes for excellent combined celebrations.

A third advantage is that between the two of you, it becomes acceptable to actually have two lots of celebrations.

Hence last night Phil (aka birthday boy), Sarah and I had a small celebration meal round the corner at That Café in advance of the bigger party planned for the Strawbury Duck sometime next week.

These two venues are great examples of what I love about living in Manchester.

Even in the most run down of areas you find pearls like That Cafe - probably the best food I have ever eaten anywhere. Check the weekly menu and tell me your mouth doesn't water! Of course I could go on to mention that before 7pm you can get two courses for £10.95, but that would just make any Southerners reading this jealous...or worse still, move here.

However if you prefer a more rural location for your drink/meal, the Duck is well and truly out in the sticks. Popular with ramblers it's nestled on the side of a hill up above the series of picturesque reservoirs that lie beyond Bolton. For those less inclined to walk for their pint, it handily has it's very own railway station - requests stops only - on the direct line from Manchester.

And before, you ask, yes the spelling is right. You can discover the reason for this and many other bizarre Lancashire mysteries here.

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