Sunday, June 17, 2007


I haven’t seen any of the Dog Collars and Rabbit Corpses household for far too long (it must just be a couple of weeks, but it feels like ages). They’ve been hard at decorating the new home, and I’ve barely been in Manchester and feel like a bad friend who hasn’t been able to join any of the weekend painting parties.

Last night however, the focus was on the old house; a chance for one final party to say goodbye to local friends and neighbours. With the new house a fraction closer to mine, I’m alone amongst the guests looking forward to their move.

Whatever the reason for the get together, it was just good to catch up with them all.

Oldest Radlet K is one exam away from finishing her GCSEs, so I supplied some of her favourite Thornton’s Viennese Truffles that I picked up in town yesterday to see her through the last week.

Youngest Radlet R was worryingly proud of the plaster cast and sling she is sporting from the ‘Heelies Incident’ and I got to sign it as is traditional.

Middle Radlet H was looking gorgeous as ever – those eyes are going to break some hearts in their time.

Millie the dog was in seventh heaven with a houseful of people to give her attention.

K Snr was stationed at the new, huge, gas powered BBQ, cooking the meat element of her traditionally wondrous spread.

S seemed to be paying particular attention to the lessons in making genuine Sangria, as bowl after bowl was prepared through the evening.

His commitment to education was possibly coming back to haunt him, by quarter to three. With all the rest of the guests departed, K and I cleared up a little, whilst S looked on, clinging slightly to a door jam and complaining that he felt ill and that the world won’t stop moving.

I wouldn't want his head this morning...


Rob (the ergonomist). said...

..."the Heelies incident"...

Once again displaying mankind's ability, like with diet coke and lemon, to mess things up.

Those things scare me. Especially when worn by ten year olds who slide uncontrollably towards my bicycle.

Kathryn said...

"I wouldn't want his head this morning..."
whereas clearly at other times...?
Oh...I don't believe it...the verification thing is "sangwham".
Appropriate, no?

1 i z said...

Rob - it's when they glide past you in a supermarket aisle that freaks me!

Kathryn - he has a lovely head, but I think it suits his shoulders more than it would mine ;-)

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