Friday, June 08, 2007


Another weekend, another trip to London, this time to see my folks and attend the monthly Greenbelt Mgmt Grp meeting.

Thankfully this time the trains are running and it’s smooth, easy and stress free.

Dad’s currently limping following an accident lifting a paving slab, which promptly split down the middle, with one half landing on his toe.

A huge blood blister is forming and it’s likely he’ll lose the toenail.

One year off three score and ten and now with diabetes, I suggest he needs to be more careful and that perhaps in future when undertaking such projects he might want to wear his steel toe-cap boots.

His refusal and response, is one to make any H&S professional weep “well I don’t expect it to happen again”.


Rob (the ergonomist). said...


Boo hoo.

If only his wisdom was true.

George said...

Howard also foolishly allowed a large flag stone to fall on his foot. However, steel toe caps were inplace .thankfully. Stil needed x-ray.