Saturday, June 09, 2007

Courts and Cubs

After a sunshine blessed stroll along the river from Hampton Court (me pushing Mum in a wheelchair, Dad limping alongside, quite a picture!), we head to my brother’s house for an afternoon of fun and barbeques.

I can’t believe how much my ‘little’ nephew has grown in the few months since I saw him last.

Definitely taking after my brother, his legs appear to have extended by a foot, without any accompanying increase in girth. With his yellow t’shirt and brown shorts the combined effect is a bit like watching a new born giraffe at times.

The niece is also continuing her transformation into proper little girlie and the once shy and unsure ‘oldest’ child is now largely unrecognisable in the confident happy kid that is emerging.

I have to say that barring one incident in which a ball is thrown over the fence (“she told me to throw it” – the truth of the matter is unlikely to ever be known), they are really well behaved, are great fun and play well together – a real pleasure to be around.

I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s a bit like cooing over a lion cub at a zoo, all very lovely, but you wouldn’t actually want one in your house.

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