Thursday, June 07, 2007

What not to wear

Female friends of mine have divided opinion about pulling at festivals. Some run with the theory of "I wouldn't want anyone who would want me in this grubby state" others with the counter point "hey if he likes me looking like this, it can only get better".

Presumably the same questions arise in the swimming pool (which as you may have gathered is somewhere where I've been spending a rather large amount of my time over the last nine months of 'get healthy' living).

So when tonight, after 100 minutes of non-stop lengths, I was a little taken aback by the attentions of a fellow swimmer.

I mean what should one make of being asked for a date when you're wearing a hideous speedo swimhat goggles and a swimsuit (so let's face it all one's bumps and curves are there for all to see) and your face is no doubt red and blotchy with any traces of make-up long since washed away? Not exactly a good look is it?

And sometimes what we wear can be so important. You see, unfortunately, whilst his swim wear revealed a very nicely put together athletic body, he was wearing that one item of apparel that this girl just can't accept...a nice gold band on his left ring finger.

Ladies, if you'd like to join me at this point in rolling your eyes and exclaiming "Men!"...


Boatylicious said...

Lovely. Glad to see some male trends cross the pond. Until the ring part of the story though, I was with the latter group of ladies - I never trusted men that were interested when I was on my best behaviour. It's much better to start from what YOU consider your worst and then, as the others said, it only gets better. But swimming for 100 minutes?!?! Are you well?

1 i z said...

"But swimming for 100 minutes?!?! Are you well?"

Theoretically I'm presuming that upwards of 5 hours of swimming each week, must be making me healthier (I was doing around 8hrs, but that was clear madness), but to honest after 9 months of this the main impact appears to be wrecked hair and skin and the ever present aroma of chlorine!

Having read your recent blog though, I'm increasingly eyeing up the steam room...