Monday, June 11, 2007

Shopping and Lunch

Ah shopping – it’s what 1iz and her mum do best together. It’s not really about the consumerism aspect, indeed we buy relatively little – it’s about time together, just the girls, time to talk, share, laugh, cry and just do the mother daughter thing.

After a little under two and a half hours, we make it back to the designated pick-up spot near West Croydon, help Dad load the scooter into the car and then head out for lunch at Coombe Lodge.

Now, if we’re quick to mention poor service, then I think it’s only fair that we share when things go well:

The story gets off to a bad start, when my diet coke comes complete with lemon slice (I’m assuming by now I don’t need to run through my whole Diet Coke = Sign of a Benevolent God, Diet Coke with Lemon = Evidence Humankind can F*** it up Everytime, theory?).

I remove the slice and leave it beside the glass.

When I order a second glass, the waitress sets it down with a smile and the words “there I spared you the lemon this time”.

Now that’s what I call service. The tip reflected my delight.

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