Friday, June 08, 2007

The Paris Diaries

It seems that for better or for worse (the latter I'd guess), young Paris Hilton is out of jail having only served 3 days of her original 45 day sentence.

There are details of the specific driving related offences on reputable news sites, but it basically amounts to being guilty of being unbelievably dumb and arrogant from what I can make out.

So will she have learnt anything from the experience one wonders?

Perhaps she'll have learnt that it would appear that it's possible to subvert justice by the judicious attending of mass in a white dress and being photographed carrying books like the Bible and The Alchemist (who knew that good-behaviour could be so simply demonstrated? Paulo Coelho can surely be expecting his royalty cheques to soar as his work becomes popular with felons across the US).

Or maybe she'll learn that justice it would seem means something very different for a stupid but rich white girl, who can afford a top lawyer?

If that's all she learns it would seem to be an opportunity lost, as none of that really goes to waking up to yourself, taking some responsibility and accepting that the law might even apply to rich little old you.

Still, if we have to endure her vacuous presence in the news cycles, then at least let us extract some mirth from the situation. Try the LA Times take on what her prison diaries might have been if she'd ever got past day 3. To give you a taster:
"DAY 1: Arrived late Sunday night. So tired. Asked if I could check into my room
immediately. Quite possibly the rudest concierge I have ever met. I told him he
was fired."
But perhaps I'm being unfair. Perhaps she really does have a 'medical condition' that takes her into a different category from all the other inmates (you know the ones without the advantages of being rich or white) and justifies her early release.

Shall we speculate what it might be?

I'll start the ball rolling, with the suggestion that medical tests may have been unable to detect brain activity.


Caroline said...

keep up girl, keep up! :)

and now she gets double time. love it!

Giles said...

On he subject of what her particular medical problem might be, surely it's an allergy to being in contact with common people?

Caroline said...

lolol giles she didn't even hve to suffer that indignty - she was in a special 'celbrity and police officer unit'.

Sarah said...

I can understand that it might not be appropriate for her to be in a prison where she can get harrassed or attacked by other prisoners, but I think she should be in prison like everyone else - not anywhere any nicer.

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

i think they should put her on an island, alone with bugger all, where she would have to be self-sufficient and grow things and kill animals and catch fish to that's a TV show i would watch!

or am i just a freak

1 i z said...

No Paul, you're not just a freak ;-)