Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Visionary Curry Eater

Research unveiled today, reveals the real reason for the 142 IQ.


Rainbow dreams said...

"Participants who ate curry once or more in six months, or more than once a month, had better results than those who "never or rarely" ate it."

Can't understand why I was on a mere 139!!

Most of my friends should be at genius level ;-)

Sarah said...

But is this eefect limited to Asian people or can wel all benefit?

And surely there's a big difference between more than once a month and once every six months? Surely once every six months is more like never or rarely?

However, I'm happy to eat more to stave off Alzheimers!

1 i z said...

Sarah, the way I see it, if it has a noticeable effect even only once every six months, then surely eating it more regularly can only be even more beneficial?

Maybe that's not a scientifically robust argument, but do you really want to take chances with your mental health? Err on the side of safety I say, one curry a fortnight at least ;-)