Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Build Week

I've relented, I've gone soft.

Yes this year in a bid to better maintain sanity, I'm opting to spend the first few days of Build Week in the comfort of a somewhere with a proper bed and en-suite shower, before moving onto site fully.

I asked Sally if she was doing a Travelodge again (£50 per night room only - not cheap, but easy) and she replied she'd found a cheaper deal at a nearby hotel. £130 for three nights B&B.

Damn the woman's good at booking hotels:

Ok so it's all a bit Fawlty Towers and hasn't been decorated since the Tudor era either, but it's more than fine. Peeling wallpaper and fraying carpets are easily forgiven for this architecture.

Sally's room is in a turret, whereas I've got a room out the back of the courtyard. All a bit bizarre, but with the neighbouring couple of rooms I seem to have my own little private garden.

Exiting my room one morning, I was met by 3 small bunny wabbits scampering past my door, puff tails like cotton wool balls against the dew covered grass.

Then a few chipmunks appeared and a bluebird came and landing on my hand and started chirping a little song.

Well ok that last sentence isn't true, but in my bleary-eyed state it was all a bit Disney film.

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Dave said...

Looks like the hotel we stayed at last year at the back of site, certainly your description matches it.