Thursday, August 03, 2006

Curry and Ali and Nino

Moments after posting the previous entry I find an email from the lovely R.

"Curry tonight with M and I tonight?"

Well the cupboard at home is bare and there is a gap in my schedule, between work and Book Group, that will only be filled with Greenbelt work otherwise...Besides it's been far too long since I've seen these guys socially. A good catch up is definitely overdue, it just feels bad that at this time of year it's snatched bits of time here and there at best.

With a bit of juggling of commuting plans, M&R make the early meal. Very lovely of them and very much appreciated.

Rushing on to Book Group I meet the others sat outside by the bowling green that lies behind the usual pub. The green is immaculately keep and yet no one I know has ever seen it in use.

Tonight's novel is Ali and Nino, which I've read twice before. Enjoying it just as much on the third reading has to mean this is up there amongst my favourite books.

It puts the previous offering of The Kite Runner in the shade. If you want to read a beautiful novel set against the background of East meeting West, go for Ali Nino.

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Anonymous said...

Ali book is a classic. I read it on holiday last year. Inspring book.

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