Monday, August 28, 2006


At last year's Greenbelt Karen bought the Festival Ops Team a beautiful present. Recognising that many of us get to see precious little of the festival she brought a piece of it to us, in the form of Juliet Turner (accompanied by Harry Napier) performing a coupld of songs just for us in one of our daily Ops meetings.

It really was a special moment.

As people have commented again and again through the year.

Usually followed swiftly by Rob C muttering "well for those of us that were at that meeting...".

As it turns out you see, our Rob is a bit of a fan, and in a tragic twist of fate he happened to miss the meeting in question. Life is crual at times.

But sometimes wrongs can be righted.

This year Karen brought Juliet to another of our meetings and Rob was not only present, but graciously stepped aside so his 'thought for the day' moment that would have opened the meeting could be delayed a day and hence make way for a couple of songs.

As Juliet finished her final song, Rob in true uber-fan mode got up and asked her to sign a CD. And then had his photo taken and everything.

At which point an evil plan flitted into my head (it just kind of happens, it's really not my fault), which I duly whispered to my evil twin.

So come today's meeting, as Rob wrapped up his opening piece, we stood up, with specially prepared CDs (when my evil twin gets a challenge he meets it head on):

And Stuart and Nick even had their photo taken:

And I got my copy of "Rob C - The Safety Life for Me" signed:



Rob (the ergonomist). said...

I love you all. Really.

Timebandit said...

Where can I get a copy?