Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Welcome interruptions

The world of broadband is still a delight.

The piles of emails and files to be downloaded, uploaded, off-loaded at this time of year are a breeze. Well from an IT point of view at least.

It still means I'm spending pretty much every spare hour, hunched over the laptop trying to deal with some of the million issues that need sorting before the festival.

Instant Messenger is another welcome addition due to the switch to broadband. B and I have used it to good end, going through hundreds of venue issues - a quick way of raising and answering queries, sharing files etc. Outside of that there's the socialising. I can hide when I need to, but good friends generally start any conversations with "are you too busy, or do you want to chat" anyway.

Suddenly I'm not working alone anymore. It's like having your best mates at the desks next to you. The small amount of distraction is worth it for the benefits.

New IMer Sally seems to be taking to it like a duck to water. Late at night as she sits with laptop in bed, she regularly catches me doing the last hour or two of GB work for the night. In the course of tonight's conversation, I mentioned that I was thinking about booking into a Travelodge or the like, for the first few days of build week, to help preserve some sanity. Sally does this each year, so I enquired where she'd booked for this year.

What a result - so glad I didn't just go and book a Travelodge direct. The wonderful Sally had just that night found an excellent internet deal on a posh local hotel that worked out cheaper than a motel. Joy of joys they still have a room available.

Yay! The terrible twosome will be sleeping in comfort in their private rooms and breakfasting together in splendour.

I'd tell you where it was, but we're keeping it secret.

It's a doss house really, any mention of Tudor mansions is strictly fictitious...

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sally said...

But Liz, you and I are staying in a posh hotel where you said there would be no riff raff......but we are going.....