Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Farewell meals

The alarm went off, but I'd only had a few hours sleep. Deciding that being ok to drive home was more important that making breakfast with the crew, I rolled over and fell back asleep.

It seemed to take forever to pack up, but once again the lovely K, my adopted niece helped me get my kit down to the car.

Evil twin and I escaped for a very late breakfast at the bakers in Bishop's Cleeve, which left me feeling almost human. We bought a huge tray of cakes bake for all those still working (I'd reached my limit I'm afraid).

Having decided that I may as well skip the rush hour, I figured I might as well join the rest of the remaining team for a meal out, before I headed back to Manchester.

Over a riotous Italian the usual games were played. Sally headed for the loo and wisely took her possessions with her. So we stole her chair instead. Not easy given she was sat in the middle of the U-shaped table arrangement.

The waiter returned as we were mid-lift, but far from disapproving, he simply viewed the situation and asked "would you like me to get the high chair instead?".

I love it when people play along.


sally said...

yes, just lvoe it, cheers, thanks..why am i such an easy target..for everything??????

1 i z said...

answer a) because we love you so much

answer b) refer to the blog below...

sally said...

I'm an easy target cos I don't drink?????