Saturday, April 23, 2005


After the meeting finished a few of us headed up to Stathern Lodge to say hello to the Stewards who have gathered for their annual reunion weekend.

Amazing casseroles are being prepared in the kitchen, whilst outside rotten railway sleepers and broken pallets are being formed into the mother of all bonfires. Let’s just say that I’m glad that a handful of the Fire Crew are also staying at the Lodge…

Before the pyromaniac activities commence we head off for a meal at The Peacock in Redmile. Apparently it has changed hands a few time since the infamous meal we had there a few years back. The food has indeed improved immeasurably.

Well except for the rubber chicken that gets served to Sally.

Such is the litany of culinary disasters that have befallen Sally at Greenbelt related meals, it’s hard not to think that there has to be something more than coincidence going on here.

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