Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hair, March, Shoes, Party...

The late night, last night was probably not a good idea given I have to be in town this morning to get my hair cut and coloured. As I close my eyes whilst Peter trims the fringe, I realise I’m in serious danger of mot opening them again.

I’m not the sort to enjoy pampering as such (heck I can’t even enjoy a soak in the bath without getting bored), but there’s something about being shut off from the world for a few hours with bits of foil on your head, that is strangely liberating.

It helps that both Peter and Sylvia (my colourist – yes it is important to make the distinction!) are excellent company and it’s more like dropping in on good friends and catching up on each others news.

Once I’ve been suitably trimmed and dyed (heck you didn’t think this read was natural did you!?), I head down Cross Street towards the main shops. Halfway I met by a march which as it draws near I realise is the pro-Asylum event. Sure enough at the tail end I find P and S and so join up with them for the remainder of the walk to Albert Square. I do feel somewhat guilty however that whereas they’ve marched from Cheetham Hill, I’ve just tagged on for the last few hundred yards.

We’re met in Albert Square by two other sets of marchers who have started out from the south and the east and its encouraging seeing the number of people that have turned out (including Brides Without Borders if you’re wondering about the outfits in the photo).

We sit on the steps and munch our lunch, before Sarah and I leave Phil to complete his stewarding duties whilst we set off to the shops.

We both need shoes (well doesn’t a girl always?), so we agree to go shoe shopping together. Not withstanding the semi-ironic visits to the occasional chick-flick this is probably the most ‘girlie’ thing Sarah and I have ever done together.

S points out however, that given we are both looking for hardwearing, comfortable shoes for work, another interpretation could be applied to us…

The shops are hellishly busy and S in particular is thwarted by shoes that look great but don’t fit or that are out of stock in her size. Once P is finished with his duties she throws in the towel and heads for home. Not having the flexibility of mid-week shopping I have to stick with it. I’m blaming the departure of my friend/conscience for the fact I came away with a total of 3 pairs…

On financial grounds I decide therefore to avoid further temptation in clothes shops, which leaves me just enough time to get a present for tonight before heading home exhausted.

I just about have enough time to change and wrap the present before Karen and Stuart call round to pick me up.

And so on to M and L’s Silver Anniversary Party up in Turton. Hard to believe I know anyone that’s been married that long – I’m in awe!

It’s a great do, with the whole of the Rose and Crown given over to the party. I’m also delighted to see numerous Greenbelt friends have also made it, from as far away as Lowestoft.

A fab night, made all the more amusing by the realisation that Stuart and Karen’s Hannah, has at the age of 11 discovered sarcasm: “you were my ‘Aunty L1z who I love lots and lots’, but you might be becoming my ‘Aunty L1z’”. The odds on her making 12, reduce significantly as the night wears on!

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