Thursday, April 14, 2005

Getaway Plans

For a while now Sarah and I have been planning to go away for a minibreak later this month. Air travel is out however as Sarah feels she’ll be using up more than her fair share of eco-impact this year with their trip to Namibia.

We thought about Euro-star for a while, but to get decent connections in London, means a really early start from Manchester and more hassle than probably either of us need. Accordingly we’ve downscaled to just ‘getting away from it’ somewhere in the UK.

Somehow this has lured us into a false sense of security re the need for getting organised. It is after all a fine line between benefiting from late deals and leaving it so late that everywhere is booked up.

Thank goodness for the internet. Eventually we find somewhere that whilst not exactly what we were originally looking for, will hopefully suit as a base from which to explore.

At any rate, the bargain late deal price of only £29 per night per single room, leaves money in the budget for grand days and nights out.

We’re planning to spend time on Lindisfarne and visit the Baltic at Gateshead on the way home, but suggestions for other things to do in Northumbria or places to eat out of a night around Alnwick will be most welcome.

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