Sunday, April 24, 2005

Back Home

Nicky is the most fabulous host; a breakfast of cereals, fresh strawberries, fruit smoothies, warm croissant and brioche greet us this morning.

We head off mid-morning and after a trouble free drive back, arrive in Manchester at lunchtime.

I get home, unpack, cut the grass, pull a few weeds, cut back some greenery and then pour a long ice cold drink and sit in the garden making phone calls.

Mum is still struggling with the whole leg thing, but making slow but steady progress with the new strap thing. Caroline is still enjoying her freedom and it’s so good to be able to talk to her properly without having to keep an eye on the time. As ever she has me giggling uncontrollably…

As the sun starts to set, I retreat inside to the sofas and slob out watching videoed shows from the past week and catching up on emails.

Being away has been fun, but it’s also nice to be home properly at last.

Just wish it wasn’t Monday tomorrow…

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