Monday, April 18, 2005

Last Day at Work

The last day at work before taking leave is always busy and today was no exception.

It’s not helped by the fact that we have a major project meeting with the client on Thursday. Well I say ‘we’ I’ll still be in the North East on holiday. This means that by the end of today, I need to not only have all the work ready to present, but I also need to go through it all with a colleague so they will have the answers to hand in the meeting.

Think I’ve covered everything, I guess the proof will be in how well the meeting goes and whether my mobile stays quiet.

After work I make it to Book Group to discuss Jackie Kaye’s collection of short stories “Why Don’t You Stop Talking”. I’d only read about half the collection, but have enjoyed those tales well enough. I don’t think they quite make the standard of her novel Trumpet though.

I make it home with just enough time to throw a few things in my travel bag, before collapsing exhausted into bed.

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