Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Still Not Thinking What You're Thinking

Well it didn’t last long.

We now have this delightful new addition plastered over the top.

At face value it appears that this is a wholesale rejection of the whole concept of ‘early release’ by the Tories. I’m sure they’ve thought through the implications for the prison service and beyond of taking away any meaningful incentive for good behaviour and rehabilitation…

I’m probably just being cynical of course they’ve thought it through properly.

I mean they did enough thinking to include a lovely chauvinistic subtext in the sentence.

I’m becoming increasingly suspicious that a certain Mr Blair might in due course be found out to be a major funder of this ubiquitous poster campaign. Frankly that’s a more preferable option to thinking that these posters are making a significant number of people respond “hmmm yes, that is what I’m thinking!”

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