Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The calling

A night of Greenbelt phone calls tonight as the realisation that it’s now March starts to kick in big time.

As ever it’s a question of people catching up with each other as and when time allows. One phone call is with Dave E at the end of his three-hour commute home from work (madness!) and another with Ben takes place in stages between acts as he’s duty managing a gig in York.

As ever it’s hard to stick strictly to Greenbelt business when you get to catch up with people from across the country. If only we all lived in a Greenbelt town and could see each other more regularly...actually scrap that idea, it sounds hellish!

I guess we need to settle for infrequent meetings, rushed emails and occasional phone calls to keep this strange pseudo-community together.

Some how it works. Though I’m not entirely sure how, as we struggle to find a Saturday in June or July that both Ben and Pete can make for a joint Venue Managers and Planning Group meeting on site.

Ben suggests the solution will be found in the answer to “well which one of us do you need most L1z?”, but alas the honest answer of “both of you!” is no help at all. Perhaps I need to get like Solomon and cut them in two or something…

Time for bed…

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