Friday, March 25, 2005

A Good Friday

Custard powder safely procured, the cheesecake doesn’t turn out too bad, leaving the rest of the afternoon to tidy the house and get the starters and mains sorted.

Plenty of time eh? You’d think…

Fortunately Stuart and Karen are a few minutes late (I approve of friends like this) so it just about comes together in time.

There’s an air of Ready, Steady, Cook to the proceedings due to the unplanned shopping (“what can L1z make out of the following ingredients?”), but it seems to work out ok.

To start I do a made up recipe of chorizo, red onion and cherry tomatoes sautéed in red wine, served on char-grilled polenta on a bed of rocket (damn fine if I say so myself – I’ll be doing this one again!). Main course is chicken, almond and apricot tagine (with assorted random veg) served with couscous. All finished off with the cheesecake.

Not bad. Not quite Nigella, but it’ll do.

The effort seems worthwhile though – a really lovely night. Good wine and fabulous company; so relaxed and lot’s of laughter. I’m so glad Stuart and Karen moved to Manchester. I vote we don’t let them leave.

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