Sunday, March 20, 2005

In Need of a Break

Mum’s leg is out of a cast, but is now in an amazing boot affair, that stretches up to her knee, is fastened with numerous velcro straps and then inflated.

Needless to say this is not making her mobility any easier, but having seen the X-rays of her impressively broken fibula I can see the need for protection/support.

Generally she would try and get around the house (they live fully downstairs now) with the use of a wheeled frame. Although this is a slow and tortuous means of getting around (we’re talking 20 minutes to move from one room to another – and no they don’t live in a super-large house before you ask!), it does mean she uses her muscles as much as possible and maintains a small degree of independence. Sadly at the moment, getting up from even the motorised armchair is difficult and frequently impossible unaided and any ‘walking’ is only possible with a static frame and more times than not she has to resort to being pushed in a wheelchair.

She’s naturally worried about how much ability will return when the boot is eventually removed (at least another few weeks yet).

All I can do is let her cry on my shoulder and encourage her to do the exercises the physio has recommended.

It feels so crap to not be able to do more. MS is a shitty, shitty condition and it kills me to see my mum suffer so much.

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