Saturday, March 05, 2005

Gorton Market

Phil and Sarah are back tomorrow after a week’s break in Bruge (very cold, not much to do and all closed by 9pm apparently), so I decide to finish off my week of house checking by getting them some food in for when they return.

They regularly rave about the proper bagels that are to be had from Gorton Market at the weekend. Apparently one of the bread-sellers, goes up to the Jewish Bakery and brings back various goodies. Accordingly I figure that some fresh bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon, will make a suitable welcome home gesture.

Unfortunately I get caught up by a couple of phone calls and by the time I make it over to the market, I search and search and there’s not a bagel to be had.

Then again the trip to the Co-op on the market site doesn’t turn up any salmon or cream cheese either so the whole concept is best abandoned.

The Co-op is due to close in about a week or two’s time after a slow and steady decline. It’s a real shame as it’s one of the best sources of fairly traded goods in the area.

The imminent closure means that the shelves are even emptier than usual. On the brighter side there is an increasing range of goods reduced to clear.

So unfortunately for them, P&S end up with simple bread and milk basics, whereas I more fortuitously come away with a half case of Fair Trade wine at knock down prices.

Yes, yes, I know I should be on a budget, but it was reduced you know…

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