Monday, March 28, 2005

Out in the Peaks

It’s sort of so-so weather as Phil, Sarah and I head out to the Peak District, but fortunately keeps dry for our walks.

First off we stop at Parsley Hey and walk along the old quarry railway line towards Hartington.

My dodgy foot is holding up well so we decide to head home via Lady Bower reservoir for another short walk.

It’s so good to get out and catch some fresh air that the time rather gets away from us. Consequently I text Debs to put back our meeting time for a curry tonight.

She texts back saying she’s had a really bad week with several bits of bad news. Once home I ring her to find out what’s up and I find her tearful. She so deserves a break, but it’s not happening right now.

We decide to settle for a long phone chat and reschedule meeting up.

It must be all that fresh air, but my heavy eyelids suggest this is no bad thing.

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