Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The tidying up fairy?

As I mentioned a while back, the parking space in my side garden has become a favoured dumping ground for stolen vehicles or parts thereof.

After the latest bumper (inclusing reg plate) and wheels were left a few weeks back I agreed with the police to leave them for at least a week so that the owner (who they would contact) could collect the parts and potentially piece things back together with the main elements of the car that had been dumped on the road around the corner.

No one ever did claim the parts and as they won’t fit in the wheely bin, I was meaning to get around to calling the council to get them picked up.

However magically they disappeared at some point between Monday and today. And not only them but also the sections of garage roof that I had moved there after yet more fell in.

How did this happen? Who dunnit?

Personally I like to think it’s a little girl called Emily and the car parts are currently being revitalised by a group of small mice (the sort you might find on a mouse organ).

Altogether now: “We will fix it we will mend it, find each bit and make it fit…”

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